In February 2021, the Coordinator of the discipline of Management and Quality Sciences at the Research Federation of WSB-DSW, dr hab. Jacek Borzyszkowski, prof. WSB became a member of the Council of Tourism Experts.


Doctor of economic sciences, specialist in the field of tourism organization and management, dealing with the problems of the development of the tourist function and marketing activities in local government units, as well as the issues of public-private cooperation for the development of tourism. For several years, he has been cooperating with local government units and representatives of the broadly understood tourism industry, incl. providing training and consulting services and being the author or co-author of a number of expert opinions about planning and strategic documents related to the development of the tourist function.

Prof. Jacek Borzyszkowski is among twenty scientists, activists, local government officials and tourist entrepreneurs who make up the Council of Experts.


The Council of Tourism Experts, established by the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology, is to initiate activities for the sustainable development of tourism, ensure the competitiveness of the Polish offer on the international market and create innovative tourist products, in particular by strengthening social activity and entrepreneurship in the sector of tourism. The established Council will be an auxiliary body of the Minister responsible for tourism.

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